Q: How does the Financial Wishboard help in planning my finances?

A: The Financial Wishboard takes planning your financial goals back to the place all goals should start, in your mind. It helps you get them out of your mind and down on “paper”. If you start with a proper vision, you can accomplish anything. Most goals that are not achieved have not been properly visualized. The Financial Wishboard has been designed to help you do exactly that.


Q: How do I use Risk Icons properly?

A: Risk icons are used to share with your advisor; how much risk you would like to take on. The analogy of the roller coaster works with personal risk as well in investments. The larger the hills, the more riskier the roller coaster. Same goes with investments, so choose these carefully as your ride to the end of your financial goals will depend on these risk icons.


Q: How do I use the Retirement Income icons properly?

A: Take the amount that you wish to have in your bank account after taxes each month during retirement and multiply by 12. Find the Retirement Income icon in the goal icons that is closest to that amount and add to your Wishboard.


Q: What is the main purpose of a Wishboard?

A: The main purpose of the Wishboard is to put financial planning in a language that most everyone can understand. One where pictures tell a story instead of graphs, pie charts and spreadsheets. Most people do not speak with dollars and zeros, so why do we use those to discuss and plan what is such an important topic.


Q: What is the availability on Android/iOS/Blackberry?

A: We are currently working with the above operating systems to ensure you will be able to use the Wishboard app on any platform. Stay tuned and we will share through our website when these are available.


Q: What are the circles and shapes for in the goal icons?

A: These are used to separate the goals into different categories. This makes the creation of your Wishboard easier as you can concentrate on smaller pieces of it at a time. It also allows you to have separate planning goals on one Wishboard as well as helps with the conversation you will end up having with your Advisor to ensure they ask the right questions.


Advisor FAQ

Q: How do I become a Referral Advisor on the Wishboard roster?

A: Advisors that are referred on the app have been chosen by answering questionnaires and providing testimonials from clients and industry references. The questionnaire is based around explaining their experience and education in the financial planning industry.


Q: How do I receive my client’s Wishboards if they use this application?

A: The email address you provided to us is where the Wishboard we be sent by default. If you would like to change the email where they get sent,lease contact us and we will update your profile.


Q: How do I get my clients to download the app?

A: You can either send them to the iTunes App Store via a link in an email or from our website. Or you can also give them a business card with the information on how to find the app which will be made available to you when you are added to the list of approved advisors.